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Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate? Well, I’m sure not everyone does, but it is loved by many. Myself included. The only downside…. Chocolate can be filled with extra sugar, fat, and milk, but have no fear, dark chocolate is here!

The bitter sweetness of dark chocolate is magnificent. A perfect sweet treat that has potential health benefits? Yes please! Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that are protective against free radicals, but don’t consume with milk. Some studies suggest that milk interferes with antioxidant absorption. Dark chocolate also contains plant phenols, compounds that have been linked to minimally lower blood pressure.

Don’t go crazy now. Although dark chocolate has health benefits, it still contains sugar which should be limited and eaten in moderation. Choosing dark chocolate bars that are have a high percentage of cocoa, at least 70%, and with the least amount of sugar or milk properties will help you reap all the benefits.

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